Kathy Feinstein (soprano vocals, percussion, bass guitar) is an experienced singer and sings both leads and harmonies for Fein Tuned. She may look familiar to San Antonio theater goers -- she is a frequent and accomplished actress in community theatre. Kathy won a San Antonio Globe for Lead Actress in a Comedy for her performance in Blithe Spirit.

Note: Kathy plays her Kala U-Bass or her Fender Mustang Bass.

Kathy also is responsible for booking our gigs, so if you'd like to hire Fein Tuned for a musical performance, you can contact Kathy right here ---> Book Fein Tuned

Steve Feinstein (tenor vocals, guitar, ukulele) started playing guitar at the age of nine. At his mother’s insistence, he continued playing through his teen years. Steve formed his first band, Stetson, while he was in college in the mid-70s, playing songs by the Beatles, America, Paul Simon, James Taylor, etc. Sound familiar? Steve has continued to play those same songs and the audiences still love these classic oldies tunes.

In 2003, Steve recorded a CD of his original tunes, entitled "Be".; you can hear his wife Kathy singing many of the harmonies on that CD. With his former band, The Tim and Bob Show, Steve has recorded a second CD entitled "Take It Outside".

Note: Steve plays a Taylor 814ce, and sometimes a Taylor 614ce or a Taylor K14ce. To "rock-out" Steve will usually play his Fender Nashville Power Telecaster or his JRBeck hollow-body electric. Recently, Steve has also been seen playing his Pono Pro-Classic ukulele.